What effect do our surroundings have on us?

Now, more than ever, our surroundings are important. They can affect our moods and

wellbeing and it has been shown that there is a direct correlation between aesthetics and our

mental health over the long-term.

We spend more time at home these days and you could consider channeling your travel budget into your home instead. Lighting up a space with softer, more muted colours with pops of colour here and there can elevate your disposition.

You want to linger in a room with sumptuous fabrics such as faux fur, rich wools and

velvets. Adding plants can not only bring the outdoors in but they also act as natural air

filters. Finally, look at your lighting. Is it soft and inviting or harsh and dim?

Investing in lamps and light fixtures can add much needed Zen to a space.

Written by Anna Cuthbert

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