What does an interior designer do and where do you find one?

For some, the idea of rethinking a space is an exciting challenge they can’t wait to take on. For everyone else, they don’t know where to begin to define their overall vision and are baffled by how much it may cost. This is where an interior designer comes into play. They step in and guide you through the process, take out the stress, eliminate surprises and give you the end results you are seeking.

Your relationship with your designer begins with an in-depth consultation about your tastes, goals and use of the space. Then comes the tour or a look at photos, a chat about what you are willing to spend and expectations are discussed about timelines.

A good interior designer will listen, never pressure you and will be candid about the scope of the project and what you can expect to spend.

You can Google for names but the best strategy is to think about the homes of friends that you love and ask who they used. Read design magazines and note the designers you like. And, of course, you can always ask your realtor. When it comes to property, they often have all the answers!

Written by

Anna Cuthbert

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