Home Staging can halve the days on market because it attracts more interest, more quickly and often multiple offers. 

We have assisted many home owners when selling a house, often achieving sales in half the average timeframe and at top prices since 2007. Home staging has had a big influence in reducing the time to sell.

It has been well proven that the biggest impact on the success or failure of a property is the first impression it makes to a viewer, either online or in a magazine. You can see more insights about home staging here.


It is important to be mindful that a house hunter is only seeing your home through a one-dimensional photograph that is often very small when in fact, if you were standing in your house, it may feel quite different in size.

To get people to actually view your home, they need to be attracted to the marketing photo first, so much of our advice is based on the impression needed from the marketing photos - this is where many sellers get it very wrong.

A potential home buyer can flick to the next real estate listing in less than a second, so our focus is to make the first impression of your home, either online or in a magazine, as impressive as possible. 


Home staging costs vary quite a lot from region to region but as it totally transforms a property for sale is usually worth it.

If you look at properties for sale in your area and price range that are staged, they stand well out from competing homes that are not. 

  • They are generally charged at a rate covering four to five weeks.

  • The time can be extended if needed although this is rarely required.

  • The prices below are usually exclusive of GST but provide an idea of investment needed

Real estate agents report that home staging can add 10-15% to an expected sale price.

To home stage an Auckland home, the price range would be in the region of $3000 to $6000 for a standard campaign period of say five weeks. Partial staging is also available to enhance the owners' furnishings and decor.

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