2020 Tips to freshen up your house

A little reset on a space that may have grown little tired over time can be a game changer for the overall feel of your house. You don’t have to do a major overhaul to get results that will delight and have you wanting to suddenly invite guests over.

1. Your entranceway gives a first impression, and is one that is often overlooked. Add a table, mirror or art and organisational items for shoes and coats to create a welcoming “hello”.

2. Pillows, throws and rugs in “it” colours, can give your lounge a modern feel without major changes. Mixing different textures together is also very chic right now.

3. Don’t trash it before you reimagine it! If you have quality furniture don’t get rid of them before you get bids to paint, varnish or reupholster pieces.

4. New wallpaper or paint can give a room an instant facelift with a small price tag. Call in the professionals though. Written by Anna Cuthbert

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